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Captures Contaminated Sediments
Captures Floatables

About Trash Guard

Trash Guard is a patented catch-basin trash screen for municipalities to have trash free stormwater discharge.

Trash Guard, Inc. offers Three Guard Screen sizes for In-Place or Newly Formed Catch Basins that utilize Discharge Pipes of 24 Inches or less in diameter. Depending on the depth of the Catch Basins, the Three Screen sizes can accommodate outflow from 5.24 CFS to 13.82 CFS.

Trash Guards are simple to install, and with accessories available, can accommodate all retrofit situations, such as uneven and concave walls, rounded bottoms, and sump bottoms. They also can be adjusted to fit Round Concrete Catch Basins and can be altered to enter Catch Basin Manholes.

Round Basins

After we designed, patented and started marketing our products, we discovered that round catch basins are more popular in some areas of the country than rectangular catch basins. We believe as time passes and more outlet and inlet pipes are entering and exiting rectangular catch basins at an angle, round catch basins will become more popular nationwide.

Holes can be made in round catch basins so outlet and inlet pipes exit or enter the catch basin in a centered position, rather than an angled position in a rectangular catch basin.


Trash Guard Plus

We also have a version of Trash Guard for underground storage systems called Trash Guard Plus. Rather than open orifices at the top for conventional catch basins, we designed them to stop large floatables, such as Plastic Bags and Unsightly Trash, from entering the storage facility through the large orifices. Floatables large enough to pass through the conventional orifices could clog the entrance to the Underground Storage Facility causing water backups. Removing trash from the entrance to the storage facility could be much more expensive, and time consuming, than removing it from the Trash Guard protected catch basin.