Installation and Cleaning Cycles

(Patent # 7276156)

Trash Guard screens can be installed in one hour or less, depending on the installation experience accumulated by public works staffs.

Cleaning cycles for each Screen size will vary from site to site and from Residential to Commercial depending on Foliage, Grass Cover, Auto and Truck Traffic, Established or New Construction, and seasons of the year. At numerous locations from the mountains to the coast, the cleaning cycles required have been either Quarterly or Semi-Annual under a variety of rainfall conditions.

The EPA’s Stormwater Menu of BMPs suggest these maintenance considerations for screen inserts:

“Typical maintenance of catch basins includes trash removal if a screen or other debris capturing device is used, and removal of sediment using a vactor truck. Operators need to be properly trained in catch basin maintenance. Maintenance should include keeping a log of the amount of sediment collected and the date of removal. Some cities have incorporated the use of GIS systems to track sediment collection and to optimize future catch basin cleaning efforts.”

You can also view Trash Guard’s installation instructions in pdf format. 

Beginning of Maintenance Cycle

End of a Maintenance/Cleaning Cycle