Round Basins

After we designed, patented and started marketing our products, we discovered that round catch basins are more popular in some areas of the country than rectangular catch basins. We believe as time passes and more outlet and inlet pipes are entering and exiting rectangular catch basins at an angle, round catch basins will become more popular nationwide. Holes can be made in round catch basins so outlet and inlet pipes exit or enter the catch basin in a centered position, rather than an angled position in a rectangular catch basin.

We realized we should make adjustments so our Trash Guard products would function in round catch basins. We designed our Cap Kit addition to cover the open space between the back of the Trash Guard and the rounded wall. We also discovered a plastic Piano Hinge that can attach to the Trash Guard and can be bent so holes can be drilled straight into the round basin wall to make attaching Trash Guards to the wall more convenient. Our Cap Kit includes a plastic cap, two piano hinges and a hardware kit to attach the piano hinges to the Trash Guard and bolts and spacers to attach the cap to the Trash Guard.

We also have a Cap Kit for Trash Guards that attach to a round catch basin with a sump bottom. These kits are basically the same except they have two caps and additional hardware and spacers to attach the bottom cap. We also have Z Flanges that can be attached to the Trash Guard and piano hinges and extend the Trash Guard further from the wall if the outlet pipe extends into the catch basin, or there are other structural problems. We suggest that Z Flanges not be used unless the Trash Guard is sitting on the floor. We believe that the uneven distribution of weight could cause the wall anchor screws to pull away from the wall in a sump bottom installation. Trash Guards can be extended from the wall any distance required as long as the extension doesn’t interfere with water flow and basin maintenance. A top expansion strip must be special ordered when extension distance is determined. 

We inventory the piano hinges, hardware kits and caps for 23”, 28” & 34” Trash Guards for the 48” & 60” standard round catch basins. Should you need a cap for a round catch basin other than 48” or 60”, or for an extended cap with a Z flange installed, please call for a special order.