Water Flow Calculator

(Patent # 7276156)

In order to consider Trash Guard screens as a component in any clean water BMP program, the selection of the correct screen size must be based on site specific stormwater runoff flows. Trash Guard has a CFS stormwater runoff discharge calculator package unlike any seen to date in the sustainable development clean water industry.

Unfortunately, because of harm scammers and software criminals are causing today with this type of spreadsheet calculators, we are unable to include our calculators on our website. We do have the calculators available and can assist in most situations described below. Please give us a call at 866-520-4362 or e-mail us at info@trash-guard.com and we will be happy to assist you with calculations.

We have a Runoff Calculator that will compute the CFS for any given drainage area and the drainage area for any given CFS up to a 10-year storm. Our Hydraulic Analysis Calculator is designed to compute the expected CFS for any size Trash Guard under any debris buildup situation and any catch basin depth. We are including a spreadsheet from our calculator showing “Warning Heights For Debris Buildup Where Maintenance Required.” Should you have situations different from any shown, please call or email us and we will be glad to assist.

The Hydraulic Analysis spreadsheet has been developed to illustrate the expected hydraulic behavior of the Trash Guard under certain known operation conditions. These conditions include: described system configurations, downstream tail water and debris accumulations. In the event that conditions occur, which are outside those from which this spreadsheet was developed, the results of this spreadsheet may be in error. In addition, the determination of flow performance relies heavily on standard orifice and weir flow equations, and coefficients listed above and the accuracy of the associated input variables. Therefore, this data cannot be relied upon except under the exact conditions indicated.

We have a spreadsheet we are attaching below that calculates the amount of flow a reinforced Concrete Pipe can carry based on diameter and slope furnished by North Carolina State University. The calculations are based upon free flow inside the culvert and no tailwater conditions existing to impede flow for 15”, 18” & 24” diameter pipes with slopes from 0.50% to 10.00%.