Video Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Trash Guard, Inc., an innovative device designed to stop sediment, nutrients, regulated metals & trash from entering our waterways. We recorded a video describing Trash Guard and how it performs. We have two versions of the video and you may view either or both at this site. Our short version is a brief overview of the Trash Guard and how it performs and last one minute forty-five seconds. The full video last twelve minutes thirty-six seconds and goes more in detail of cleaning catch basins, sediment removed, nutrients contained in the sediment removed and the amounts of sediment and nutrients entering the waterway without Trash Guards installed. This video also includes a North Carolina State University performance analysis report on a study they did wherein Trash Guard was one of three products used for the study. To view either, or both, of these videos click Trash Guard video or Short Trash Guard Video.

Short Video
Full Video